YSURF: Facilitating Success and Prosperity Through Enhanced Integration of University Resources and The Business Community.

Statute of former YSU President Howard Jones outside of Tod Hall.

Given the increased speed and complexity of business, as well as the dramatically increased expectations for utilization of University resources, the Youngstown State University Research Foundation ("YSURF") exists to facilitate improved partnerships between YSU and the business and research community.

Simplified transactions. The internal operation of any university is often perplexing to external stakeholders. YSURF exists to help simplify the process of determining the cost and availability of university resources. Looking for help conducting research? No problem. YSURF is here to identify equipment, faculty and students.

Greater speed. Conducting research "at the speed of business" is always challenging for universities. YSURF provides a central interface to determine the availability of assets. Over time, we expect that the cumulative centralized experience will enable the faster determination of critical availability and terms

Greater flexibility. There are somethings that universities are challenged to do well. Remaining flexible to an infinite array of needs by the external community is one such challenge. For instance, Ohio universities are are bound by state budgetary requirements. YSURF is here to help bridge the dictates of state university requirements with client needs.

Improved transparency. Lastly, the complexity of university decisions can sometimes make understanding of the decisionmaking process "cloudy." YSURF is here to help provide a clear understanding of what can, and cannot, be done!

Have a need for research or testing? Looking to build a relationship with YSU? Then start by contacting the YSURF!


YSURF's Mission

To facilitate improved research commercialization, partnerships, and academic opportunities between private business entitites and Youngstown State University, its students, and its faculty.

Who We Are

Youngstown State University Research Foundation is an indepedent, 501(c)(3), organization founded to facilitate commercial partnerships between the University and private businesses/entrepreneurs.

What We Do

YSURF is the primary contact for entering into private research and private development agreements with the University.

What We DO NOT Do

YSURF only works with private entities. Ordinarily, YSURF does not do any work regarding relationships with federal, state, local or other public entities. Typically questions from these types of entities should be directed to the YSU Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at 330.941.3091.

About Us

Board of Directors

Chairperson - Dr. Cynthia Anderson

Donald Cagigas

Dr. Peter J. Kasvinsky

Dr. George R. Newkome

C. Reid Schmutz

Scott R. Schulick


President - Dr. Chester R. Cooper, Jr.

Treasurer - Dr. Peter Kasvinsky

Secretary - Patrick H. Gaughan

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